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The Complete Guide to Networking Events

GETTING STARTED No excuses! To network, it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extravert. It’s about preparing yourself with what you need to succeed. Preparation Build a spreadsheet To make sure you connect with who matters, you really need to do some research. I like to build a list beforehand of companies and […]

“Apply what you know and make it happen” – Procurement Q&A

Our fourth Q&A host, Sandra Thibodeau from Cannabis Business Opportunities, gave some applicable best practices for cannabis businesses – and businesses in general. According to Sandra, here’s the difference between procurement, contract management, and supply performance management:   Procurement is the acquisition of goods and services that your business needs to produce a product or […]

“Go High Tech Or Go Home”

Our third Q&A session tapped into the knowledge of Adam Klock and Terry Roston from Motagistics, about remaining compliant with local laws with the technology that you use. Many states require the use of some sort of “seed-to-sale” technology that tracks the plant from its beginnings as a seed to plant to being processed into […]
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