SD6 is building global industry relationships in Cannabis

We’re a technology company with the mission to keep people at the heart of how cannabis does business, by building a global community of cannabis professionals.

SD6 creates tools to professionalize the Cannabis industry as it goes global while still keeping the one-to-one relationships that are the core of the industry. 

How it works: Our plaform gathers user data, then uses predictive analytics and its algorithm to predict what results users will want to see. This allows us to show the most relevant information, products, services, and people to those on our platform by filtering information forward.
So we aren't just a website - we're a platform. 
Founded by Jackie Morck in Las Vegas and powered by Keyin Inc. technology and a small team from all over the globe, SD6 launched July 2017 in the Cannabis industry.

We want the small businesses of the industry to survive even as major retailers and Big Pharma enters the space. We also want to build a more effective, scalable way to create real relationships.

Our mission is to keep people at the heart of how cannabis does business. The most important and dynamic resource of a company is the people who make it up, so we want to make it easy for you to connect with people who fit your ethos. 

Our Values

We believe in embracing who you are, and that if you do, you will naturally build relationships and businesses with others that do the same. 
A proverb says "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We are committed to creating sustainable change in cannabis and are always looking for smart partnership opportunities.
To normalize cannabis the industry must overcome decades of suspicion and distrust. The only way to do this is to embrace transparency and openness to combat misinformation.
The development of the cannabis industry will be one of the great economic shifts of our era. No one should be shut out of opportunity by a lack of access to the right tools or information.


Jacqueline Morck
Founder & Captain

Las Vegas, USA
Jackie Morck here, Founder and Captain of this incredible team. I wholeheartedly believe that cannabis professionals deserve a place to learn, share, and build a database of knowledge to support this evolving industry. We are developing this community for you, so I am here to listen, watch, and help!

Sebastian Tory-Pratt
Product Builder

Montreal, Canada
Hey! I’m Sebastian and I’m SD6's product builder. I’m here to create an experience that is usable, enjoyable and valuable. Design is my passion so if you have questions about how you can leverage it to have more success at work just post in the community. I will be there to answer!

Katie Swalm
Relationship Builder

Santa Barbara, USA
Hi! My name is Katie Swalm, and I am the Relationship Builder at SD6, which means I work on getting people engaged in the community. I love to write and to build relationships with others, so feel free to say hi!

Matt Carhart
Reputation Builder

Atlanta, USA
Hello!! I'm Matt Carhart and I'm the Reputation Manager for SD6. My mission is to create and facilitate connections within the cannabis industry (and life in general, of course). Building relationships and organizing the avenues to better link the community is my true passion. Please never hesitate to reach out to me; I'm always here to help!

Jason Arhart
Platform Builder

Las Vegas, USA
Hello! My name is Jason Arhart and I’m an SD6 platform builder. Since childhood I’ve had a passion for building things that work. I’ve been blessed to be able to turn that passion into a career in software engineering, doing what I love. Now I’m excited to be part of an amazing team building a platform for an amazing community to learn and share knowledge in this new and exciting industry. I really want this platform to work for you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Sviat Chumakov
Platform Builder

Krakow, Poland
Hi! My name is Sviat Chumakov and I'm a platform builder at SD6. I build, test and put together all the little pieces of virtual machinery that connect us over the internet. Code is my one true passion and I greatly enjoy teaching, learning and sharing it with everybody. Talk to me about anything technology!